The true value of a website comes from how good it is at solving a problem. Whether it’s a blog that needs to become a platform for you to reach out to millions of people or an online presence for your business that needs to bring in more sales and skyrocket your revenue. Let’s take a look at how we have solved some of the problems of our customers.

Websites That We've Made.

IVolunteer International

Helping IVolunteer International create 7 billion volunteers worldwide through a platform that both enables and inspires individuals to find and volunteer for causes they care about.

The Problem

The main objective is to let visitors find volunteer events that they can participate in. But a handful of other requirements were soon identified to support this goal. In addition to the list of events, we needed to publish content that would inspire volunteers, initiatives by the organisation, testimonials, a method to submit events and a lot more. And they all needed to be easily maintainable by the team.

The Solution

A blog to publish articles and a modular system that allows the team members to add and manage all the different types of content on the website was built on top of WordPress. The design was also built from the ground up as a custom WordPress theme. The modular system also allowed us to keep expanding the content on the website including impact, downloads and team members.

You Care Group

You Care Group provides support for NDIS participants specialising in autism, mental health & disability care.

The Problem

You Care Group wanted add credibility to their new business by building a website to showcase the services they offer, display information about their business and staff, provide a method for their customers to sign up to their services with ease and a place to publish content about the business. As a newly formed business, they also needed to get this built with a limited budget.

The Solution

Our Startup plan offers exactly what You Care Group was looking for. A beautiful website created from a customised template to stay within the budget while still offering all the required features including the services offered, a form to gain access to the services and a news section through which they can easily publish articles or videos. As a bonus, the pages of the website can also be edited with a Word like editor.


eXPLOREpLACES is a website that provides best travel destinations by video clips for any travel enthusiastic to surf and have a feel of where they intend to travel.

The Problem

The original idea was to allow visitors to explore and get a feel for travel destinations around the world in the form of videos that can be consumed effortlessly. We needed to build a system for company representatives to upload videos and maintain the website behind the scenes and on the front-end, an experience for the visitors to go from browsing locations to traveling to the destination.

The Solution

A complete experience where the users can explore around the globe and find places to visit through videos as well as book accomodation and flights all on the same place. Everything from transcoding uploaded videos and having them prepared to be streamed online to matching accomodation locations and flights happen behind the scenes with owners of the website having complete control.

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