Terms & Conditions

  1. Hosting
    1. Hosting Terms
      1. Any copyright complaints or claims are the responsibility of the client.
      2. The hosting must not be used for any illegal activities (e.g. copyright infringement, scams, hacking etc.). Any racist, sexist or any other discriminatory text or visuals on the website is the responsibility of the client and not BREAKOUT DESIGNS.
      3. The clients must not attempt to hack or damage the hosting providers services.
      4. Server up-time cannot be guaranteed and outages will occur from time to time. BREAKOUT DESIGNS will not be liable for any monetary losses due to downtime caused by issues to the upstream hosting provider (e.g. DDoS attacks, heavy load, viruses etc.).
      5. BREAKOUT DESIGNS is not liable for vulnerabilities in the server whether they are software, hardware or operating system related.
      6. Monthly payments must be made on time for the continuous usage of the service.
    1. What We Cover
      1. Provide hosting for the website.
      2. Provide patches to keep the hosting software running and secure (e.g. PHP, MySQL, WordPress).
      3. Provide upgrades to the hosting capacity.
    2. What Is Not Covered
      1. Development of new website pages or changes to the content.
      2. Development of additional functionality.
      3. Changes to the hosting configuration (e.g. adding load-balancing servers).

Breach of these terms will result in an immediate termination of the agreement.

These Terms & Conditions may subject to change in the future.